Blue Sky Conversation Sends a Strong Team to Help Win Back Canterbury for the Conservatives

A team of volunteers from Blue Sky Conversation joined an Action Day in Canterbury, Kent to speak to local residents and promote our positive Conservative message.

Our team was welcomed by local Association members and councillors and it was delightful to end the campaign session with soup and coffee in a local member’s home. The reception from voters on the door step was encouraging and students told us that they are listening to the national debate and feeling enthusiastic about politics again.

Canterbury was a shock loss to the Conservative Party at the last general election. The constituency had returned a Conservative Member of Parliament at every election (apart from 1910 – 1918) since 1835. It had previously been one of the safest Conservative seats in the country but is now the only non-Conservative constituency in Kent.

Our team from Blue Sky has been working hard to ensure Canterbury comes home. We must win constituencies like this if we want to remain in office after the next election and continue to build a country fit for everyone.

If you would be interested in joining our panel events, campaign days or joining the debate online then please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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