We have a number of partnerships with University Conservative Associations across the country where we hold joint flagship events, network with senior politicians and share best practice. We help students build personal CVs and find political job opportunities and work experience with our growing network of connections.

We are also able to assist with publicity and awareness and are open to providing financial sponsorship to events held on campus supporting the Conservative message and student engagement.

For further details about our university partnerships please contact Blue Sky Ambassador Cllr Edward Rees at edward-rees@live.co.uk

Case Study - Portsmouth

Following the Conservative defeat in Portsmouth South in the 2017 general election we made contact with students at the university via our local contacts. A small group came forward keen to establish a University Conservative Association where none existed. We connected the group with the Conservative Area campaign manager and key local activists. We provided financial assistance in purchasing publicity materials and helped raise awareness through social media. Once the Association had been properly constituted under the Student Union rules we set about co-hosting a question time panel event on “Law, Liberty and Freedom of Speech: Challenges Ahead.” We secured Brexit minister and former barrister Suella Fernandes MP. 80 people attended the event which secured further publicity for the Conservative students and the local Conservative Party during the crucial local election period. We are proud to say that Portsmouth University now has a strong functioning Conservative Association under the chairmanship of Ronnie Taffurelli-Hutchings, campaigning with local Conservatives to win elections.

“Blue Sky Conversation provided invaluable help getting a University Conservative Association off the ground in Portsmouth. With the help of Joe Robertson, Hampshire Area Officer, we were able to make good local contacts and organise profile events. I am hugely grateful for Blue Sky’s help promoting us and purchasing publicity materials."

- Ronnie Taffurelli-Hutchings, Chairman Portsmouth University Conservatives.