Blue Sky Conversation with Suella Fernandes MP

We are delighted that Suella Fernandes MP (minister in the Department for Exiting the EU) will be speaking on the next Blue Sky Conversation panel along with Portsmouth City Council Leader Donna Jones, Vice-President of the Portsmouth Union George Pykov and the incoming Havant Borough Council Leader Michael Wilson. The event will be held in […]

Skills and Training Question Time Live

Blue Sky Conversation was delighted to host a Conservative Policy Forum question time on the Isle of Wight with a great guest panel. The topic of debate was skills and training in 21st century and each of the panellists brought their own unique perspective. Dr Lisa Mardikian, International Law lecturer at Portsmouth University said it […]

Strong support in Southampton for hardworking MP Royston Smith

Southampton Itchen is the most marginal Conservative seat in the country where hardworking local MP Royston Smith held it against a Labour onslaught by 31 votes. Known as a dedicated Southampton man and former leader of Southampton City Council, Royston campaigns on the door step every Saturday throughout the year. A strong team from Southampton […]

Fault based divorce still has a role to play

Divorce law reform is back on the agenda, owing largely to the case of Mr and Mrs Owens which is due to be finally decided by the Supreme Court. Mrs Owens is seeking a divorce based on her husband’s alleged unreasonable behaviour. Mr Owens does not accept that he has been unreasonable, and the courts […]

The Conservative battle against homlessness

Homelessness is uncomfortable topic for many. It highlights the weaknesses in our approach to social justice and can indeed be regarded as a failure of society as whole. Homelessness, an umbrella term that refers to those who are rough sleepers, sofa surfers or are in temporary and emergency accommodation, is on the rise. Figures show […]

Gordon Brown can finally sleep easy at night

“My Life, Our Times,” is Gordon Brown’s latest political contribution and second autobiography. His first instalment was rather pedestrian and this edition is only a modest improvement. It does however, cast one’s mind back to the last time a government was being shaped by events rather than shaping them. Brown’s greatest hits, of which there […]